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"Assisting Older Adults With Their Personal and Financial Affairs"

Lori Manning Fiduciary Services, LLC serves as a fiduciary agent and daily money manager for older adults in the Twin Cities area.  

Is Appointing a Professional Fiduciary Right for You?

Do you have a Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive?

If not, is it because you don't know someone you can appoint to act on your behalf?

Have you considered appointing a professional fiduciary?

If you need to appoint a professional to handle your affairs as...

  • Attorney-in-Fact for finances
  • Health Care Agent for medical decisions

Lori Manning may be your solution.

For more information, call Lori at 952-922-8972.  

Initial, in-home consultations are free.

A Fiduciary is a person or company entrusted with the property or finances of another person and in whose best interest the fiduciary is expected to act when holding, investing, or otherwise managing that person’s affairs. ​

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) provides assistance to people who have difficulty managing their personal finances and paperwork. Typically, a DMM visits a client’s home once or twice a month to review incoming mail, bills, and insurance papers. A DMM will assist with phone calls to payees, prepare checks for the client to sign, monitor expenses, balance the checkbook, make sure tax returns are filed, and provide referrals to other professionals.

Are you an attorney with a pending conservatorship/guardianship case?

If you want to propose a professional fiduciary for an elderly client....

  • who needs a conservator and guardan
  • whose case will be heard in Hennepin County

Lori Manning may be your solution.

                            To discuss your case, call Lori at 952-922-8972.